Case Study: Colombia – Poland

The Team was approached by one of our commercial maritime partners regarding a seafarer who required commercial medical escort repatriation options from Cartegena, Colombia to Gdansk, Poland after presenting with gastro issues.

CLCA secured and reviewed all available medical information and assisted the commissioner in ensuring the patient received the most appropriate care whilst the repatriation plans were formulated. Initially, the Team investigated the possibility of using a UK escort but, due to COVID-19 regulations and restrictions, this was not possible.

Whilst we were confirming our decision on whether or not we would be able to use a UK escort, we had proactively started looking for an international medical escort prior to one being requested so, if required, the lead time would be reduced and repatriation would be not be delayed. We were able to make use of our trusted global provider network to identify the correct third party who could assist in providing the suitably qualified escort.

The Commissioner booked the flights directly but there were issues with the booked flights. The flights from Colombia did not include oxygen and no MEDIF was submitted, CLCA subsequently amended these issues directly with the airline and the airline’s medical clearance team to ensure the flights still went ahead.

As is the case with all of our work we were in constant liaison between the nurse, patient and the commissioning agent to ensure all parties were kept up to date. This included real-time tracking of flights and real-time updates to the Commissioner.

With the increased restrictions surround the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple plans were drafted should the nurse not be accepted into Poland as the online COVID regulations were giving mixed messages. Contact was made to multiple Polish immigration authorities, using our in-house Polish-speaking resource, to assist in getting the nurse into Poland safely from the Colombia flight.

Thankfully all of the hard work paid off and the patient was transferred safely and was happy to be home.

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