Commercial Medical Escort

The transfer and/or repatriation of patients on scheduled commercial flights, with appropriate medical escorts and equipment

CLCA AeroMed has a vast experience of retrieving and transporting patients suffering from a wide range of complex and non-complex health conditions

Our clients include:

– Insurance companies
– Travel companies
– Maritime companies
– Government & non-government organisations
– Public and private companies
– International repatriation & assistance companies
– Self-pay customers

When patients can be transferred on a commercial flight, either seated or on a stretcher, our medical management team will work together to ensure that the ‘commercial medical escort’ is the most appropriate option and will arrange the necessary level of escort(s) required to safely transport the patient.

Our highly qualified flight medical crew have the expertise to escort all categories of patients for all but the most complex of cases and, when viable, the service allows patients to receive expert medical care without the high costs of booking a private air ambulance.

Our operations team are experts in the capabilities, requirements and procedures of all of the main airlines and airports and ensure every aspect is anticipated, planned and communicated in advance.

This allows our Doctor and/or Nurse escort(s) to focus on the safety and physical and mental well-being of both the patient and his/her family during a potentially high-risk and stressful period.

Our operations team will secure the required medical clearances and will coordinate all ground and air transportation, including seat booking and any specialised medical equipment that may be required.

Our medical escorts will remain with the patient until the final destination has been reached, be it a hospital or the patient’s home, where we will help the patient and family to settle into their new environment and provide a detailed handover to the receiving medical team, before returning to base.

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