Medical Escort Provision

CLCA AeroMed provides high quality medical escorts to assist in repatriations regardless of where you are in the world

CLCA AeroMed offers specialist medical staff for transfers and repatriations worldwide

Our clients include:

– Insurance companies
– Travel companies
– Maritime companies
– Government & non-government organisations
– Public and private companies
– International repatriation & assistance companies
– Self-pay customers

Our medical escort and equipment are available for both air and ground repatriations, as well as for event cover, disaster response and all other aspects of our service. Our staff are highly regulated and go through an in-depth background check during the employment process, ensuring we employ only the most experienced and personable medical crew members.

All our equipment is frequently checked and regularly maintained to UK and European standards to ensure our missions are conducted safely and with the efficacy that comes with using the right tools for the job, including state-of-the-art medical devices and consumables.

By using third-party medical staff members, CLCA Aeromed cover the high costs of maintaining a vast database of trained medical professionals, ensuring all their qualifications are up-to-date, and seamlessly providing medical staffing support toWe reassure our patients and clients that, by commissioning CLCA Aeromed, they are hiring highly
qualified and experienced team members who will be able to support, or even lead the mission. Our quality is heavily dependent on the people we choose to conduct our services and so our recruitment process is thorough and includes a personal interview with a Aeromedical Services Manager and other senior staff, comprehensive checks into training, qualifications, experience and competencies, plus a review of current health and immunisation records and we only employ staff that have a completely clear enhanced disclosure of criminal activity.

We view success as building a network of healthcare professionals all around the world that have the same goal to make a difference in the lives of patients and clients. Our quality is heavily dependent on the people we choose to carry out our services. In order to ensure quality services we recognise that as an employer, we must do our part by giving them work that is meaningful to their lives, as well as being an important part of the lives of others.

Our medical, nursing, paramedical and care staff are properly equipped with modern clinical equipment and consumables and are available for:- Patient transport by ground, air or sea- Rotary wing HEMS cover- UK tasks and contracts outside of the UK- Disaster response- Humanitarian aid- Public event medical cover.- Non-physician clinics – orporate and private requests for medical support or expertise- Medical cover for stage, screen (film) and TV-Consultant paramedic emergency screening – Complex home care provision.