Repatriation Services

Bespoke solutions for the transfer and/or repatriation of patients unsuitable for a normal commercial flight

Bespoke solutions for the transfer and/or repatriation of patients worldwide

Our clients include:

– Insurance companies
– Travel companies
– Maritime companies
– Government & non-government organisations
– Public and private companies
– International repatriation & assistance companies
– Self-pay customers

CLCA AeroMed has vast experience in retrieving and transporting patients suffering from a wide range of complex and non-complex health conditions. CLCA Aeromed offers worldwide patient repatriation services by air or ground transfer using our third-party provider network covering 150+ countries. We liaise fully with the client, family and medical teams through our in-house case-handling team that can work with translators to coordinate safe transit from a foreign country. This allows us to develop a full care package that can start before discharge from the hospital to ensure the client is brought into a safe and secure environment, suitable for their needs.

All our repatriations offer a complete bed-to-bed transfer service ensuring that appropriate medical care is continuously given and that a comprehensive handover can occur to the next medical team. CLCA Aeromed can provide air ambulance transfer services for the most critically injured patients, a dedicated private aircraft with intensive care medical equipment and a specialist team that can transport the most serious medical cases.

All our air ambulance providers are individually vetted by our network team and must adhere to international EURAMI standards. Less severe medical cases may be able to travel on commercial flights utilising our in-house specially trained medical escorts. We work alongside an expert transport logistics team who can book anything from standard economy seats to lay flat stretchers onboard aircraft. CLCA Aeromed sources the highest-trained and most experienced medical escorts to conduct our commercial repatriations additionally, the medical equipment provided is maintained to the greatest standards with continual servicing.

It may be more suitable to have ground transport repatriation as an alternative to aircraft-based repatriation in certain circumstances. For instance, some people are afraid of flying and others may find the road journey less anxiety-producing or less expensive than the flight equivalent, so CLCA Aeromed offers a ground transport repatriation service utilising our network or ambulance providers. This alternative medical repatriation service may be available to be deployed to most European countries. Ground repatriations are sometimes more logistically suitable, for example when the overseas destination is nearby or when the patient is located too far from
an airport or the nearest airport does not have the capability to accept an air ambulance aircraft.

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