Case Study: Portugal – UK

The CLCA Assistance team received contact from the patient’s family in early December and informed the team that the patient had suffered a stroke (an ischaemic CVA) and was currently in a hospital in Portugal and that they were looking to utilise our repatriation services to allow the patient to return to the UK for further on-going rehabilitation.

Following admission to the Portuguese hospital, the patient deteriorated and had reduced conscious level for several days due to cerebral oedema, which is when fluid builds up around the brain, causing an increase in pressure known as intracranial pressure along with several other complications.

A week later CLCA received the first medical report from the hospital via the family member. Unfortunately, there is often a delay in receiving medical reports through private repatriations, however, the team were pleased to work as quickly as possible for the patient’s family in order to provide the necessary arrangements.

Towards late-December, a pre-flight assessment was carried out and the patient was deemed Fit to Fly by the treating doctors so air ambulance options were requested and presented to the family.

Shortly after, payment was made and final confirmation sought with all of the relevant providers and partners. On the same day, the hospital admission was completed for the receiving hospital in the UK

Two days later the air ambulance transfer was completed and full, safe repatriation was completed for the patient.

The day of the medical flight went like clockwork due, I believe, to the wonderful planning which you instigated. Everyone involved was professional in the extreme, courteous, polite and, importantly, friendly. The care **** received from all the medical crew was second to none.

**** still has a long recovery ahead but thanks to your team’s efforts we have started the journey and progress has already been made. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position to us.

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