Case Study: Turkey – UK

A very challenging and long-term case saw the initial contact made from the patient’s family in June 2020 and the final repatriation taking place in Jan 2021.

The patient we were presented with was fully ventilated and on an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Turkey which in itself was not the main challenge for our experienced team in this particular case.

Acquiring a bed in the receiving UK due to the COVID-19 pandemic was very difficult and the local NHS hospital would not accept the patient. Due to this unprecedented situation, CLCA contacted the appropriate management teams in order to assist in facilitating a solution to the hospital admission. The Team assisted the local NHS hospital trust in working with HCA to provide a funded bed in a private facility.

During this time, CLCA was making regular calls and updates with the family informing them of the current situation and developments as they presented themselves. The extended nature of this case allowed us to provide a personal touch and the Team started to know all the family very well, assisting where possible to alleviate stress for the family members.

The patient was finally transferred by air ambulance at the start of January 2021. CLCA facilitated multiple handover medical calls to the facility in the UK to ensure a seamless handover occurred.

On the day of the repatriation, a third-party ambulance had an unforeseen issue and arrived late, however, CLCA reacted and informed all parties immediately and investigated the issue. The family were also phoned immediately to update them on the delay and the repatriation carried on without issue.

The patient arrived safely to the UK without any deterioration of his condition and despite the demanding nature of this case, the Team found it to be incredibly gratifying and a great learning experience.

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