Case Summary: Medical Repatriation to Russia

A seafarer encountered a severe accident while on board a vessel off the coast of Italy. The incident resulted in complex, life-threatening injuries. The patient’s condition required immediate critical care treatment.

However, the situation became even more complicated due to ongoing floods in North Italy at the same time. The hospital where the seafarer was being treated was affected by the floods, leading to restricted staff access and difficulty in obtaining up-to-date medical reports and information.

Despite these challenges, in anticipation of the patient’s stabilisation and fitness to fly, plans were initiated to repatriate the seafarer to Russia for ongoing specialist treatment and to be reunited with his family.

To facilitate the repatriation process, CLCA Aeromed secured a specialised air ambulance, equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, including a life support system, to ensure the seafarer’s safety and stability throughout the transfer. They also arranged for a medical team to accompany the patient, consisting of experienced doctors, nurses and paramedics, specially trained in aeromedical transport and managing critical care cases.

CLCA Aeromed’s experienced logistics team liaised with the hospital, air ambulance service provider and local government agencies in both Italy and Russia, to ensure that all necessary clearances, permits, and logistical arrangements were in place.

This necessitated extended negotiations and coordination to secure the requisite permits and clearances, a process known for its time-consuming and bureaucratic nature, especially given the challenges of the destination! However, persistence prevailed and eventually, all necessary permissions were granted and the flight could go ahead.

During the flight, the medical team provided continuous monitoring, pain management and medical interventions as required. The patient’s condition was closely observed, with regular assessments conducted to detect any changes or
complications that may arise during the journey. Upon arrival in Russia, the seafarer was transferred by waiting ground ambulance to a specialised medical facility equipped to handle complex trauma cases.

The patient’s ongoing care and treatment were coordinated with the receiving hospital, ensuring a smooth transition of care from the air ambulance team to the local medical staff. The medical repatriation allowed the seafarer to be reunited with his family, providing emotional support and a familiar environment during the recovery process.

The patient’s treatment and rehabilitation continued in Russia, involving a multidisciplinary team of specialised healthcare professionals.

This successful outcome was a testament to the expertise, determination and persistence of CLCA Maritime’s medical and logistical teams, who played a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being and successful repatriation of the seafarer and his reunification with his family.