ITIC Global – Malta 2019 – Review

From humble beginnings over 20 years ago, the ITIC events are now integral to the global travel and health insurance sector. With the help of committees, their team build agendas that are relevant and exciting; offering networking sessions that offer real business opportunities through face-to-face engagement; including an impressive dinner and awards ceremony!

ITIC events are the mainstay of the global travel and health insurance industry’s networking calendar and are run by the Voyageur Publishing & Events Ltd. The publishing arm, consisting of the International Travel & Health Insurance Journal (ITIJ) and AirMed & Rescue, monthly publications that offer keep the industries up to date with all the latest news, as well as expert commentary.

Where was the event?

We were lucky enough to spend the conference days at the Intercontinental Malta, in the sunny(ish) beachside resort of St Julian’s. The facilities and event management in the hotel were fantastic and the event ran without issue and was a perfect setting to host the prestigious event despite some slightly changeable weather!

Who attended?

Although we attended the ITIC UK event in Southampton earlier this year, we took a large team to ensure we were able to make the most of the wide selection of opportunities available at the Global event. With over 900 attendees and 4 days of speakers, it was definitely needed! The team consisted of:

Why were we attending?

CLCA Assistance is a relatively new player to the market and it was important for us to attend the ITIC events for two primary reasons. We had previously attended the ITIC UK event in Southampton and we were keen to use the momentum we gathered from that particular event for the global market. Along with advertising our high-quality services to potential new commissioners, we were looking to expand our global network of corporate partners to safeguard these services across the 195 countries and territories we are so proud to cover.

With the plethora of speakers and networking opportunities, we were able to find out some of the latest advancements in the industry and hear about further best practice to ensure CLCA Assistance continues to provide the highest quality service that the Group’s reputation has been built upon.

What else did the team get up to?

A very busy event for us meant there was little chance for us to explore the beautiful island of Malta, however, there were several social events that the team attended within some fantastic settings in St Julian’s and also Valetta.

Closing remarks

It certainly was an industrious few days for the CLCA Assistance team over in Malta in our first venture overseas. As well as connecting with some familiar faces on a business and personal level, we have grown our network and our brand and we look forward to a capitalising on the connections we have made. All-in-all a successful ITIC Global!

See you in Madrid in 2020!