Meet the CLCA MedOps team

As anyone who works in the world of medical assistance and case management knows, trust and collaboration between ‘front-line’ colleagues are paramount to delivering successful outcomes.

Meet Dawn Heeger, Ana Batista, and Valerie Bonnard, who between them, oversee all medical assistance, repatriation and ‘AfterCare’ cases across our CLCA AeroMed and CLCA Maritime businesses.

Dawn joined CLCA in 2019, bringing with her a background as a critical care nurse plus 12 years of experience in medical assistance. Working alongside Dawn on the medical side is Ana, another experienced critical care and flight nurse, based in Portugal.

Last but not least, our logistical expert, Valerie, has over 20 years of experience in medical assistance. While Dawn, Ana and Valerie have support from head office medical and management teams, they have the experience and expertise required to make time-critical decisions and manage cases with a significant degree of autonomy.

The flexibility within the team is another key factor in their success. Dawn, Valerie, and Anna seamlessly cover each other’s roles, offering support when needed. This flexibility extends beyond the professional realm, fostering a sense of friendship that strengthens their bond.

Dawn emphasises the importance of CLCA’s patient-centred approach, ensuring that decisions always prioritise the well-being of the individuals they serve.

“Commitment to patient care is our driving force”.